New Year Relationship Resolutions


Now that another year has passed into history and a new and refreshing year is upon us, you may be inclined to challenge yourself with a series of New Year Resolutions. Indeed, improving your life is always a great thing, especially when you focus on your physical health, financial life and other self improving goals of a challenging and productive nature, but what about your relationship with your significant other?

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Building A Wonderful Relationship


Everyone dreams of having a wonderful relationship, but many lack the knowledge (and sometimes experience) necessary to create such a wonderful environment. In our day of modern technology, information is at our fingertips, but many fail to either acquire the knowledge or put forth the effort necessary to build a wonderful relationship. Many succumb to the trials and tribulations of life, work, children, pets, political drama and everything elsse that comes our way each and every day. Establishing a routine to follow the fundamentals of building a wonderful relationship may not be easy, but rest assured.... It's well worth it!


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Dating Adventures For You & Yours


Relationships can become boring.... if you let them! There are so many things to do out there in this wonderful world, even if you are on a limited budget. Not everyone has the means to charter a flight to Paris for lunch or take a romantic vacation to the south Pacific, but with a little planning and some creativity, you and your honey can enjoy a special adventure and make wonderful memories together. A Saturday picnic, a weekend adventure or an annual getaway can be yours without breaking the bank. We have enjoyed a number of memory filled experiences over the years and it's time we share some opportunities that are available without being independently wealthy....

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